Are 0% Car Loans Really Free?

December 11, 2018
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In the era of ultra-low interest rates, many car dealers offer financing for new cars at 0% for several years. This essentially allows you to pay the purchase price and nothing more but spread out the payments over time. While these loans certainly make sense and can be a good deal, they are usually anything but free.


You will quickly realize this realty when you ask the dealer “Is there any discount if I pay cash today?” The answer is often “yes.” If this is the case, the 0% loan option really isn’t free. In fact you can quickly determine what pseudo interest rate you’re paying.




New car price - $30,000


Option A: Financed over 5 years at 0% interest


Option B: Pay cash, $3,000 discount offered


That $3,000 discount offered by paying cash is what you miss when taking option A. Using a 5-year present value schedule, you’ll find your effective interest rate is 2.13%(not 0%!).



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