Making Long-Term Care Affordable

August 13, 2018
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There has been a growing frustration among individuals searching for new long-term care insurance. The issue? Premiums have grown tremendously over the past few years.

One solution that has become increasing popular is a tax-free 1035 exchange of the cash value from a life insurance policy into a paid up long-term care policy. This becomes more practical for some individuals as they near retirement and the need for life insurance becomes smaller.

Example - $500,000 life insurance policy

  1. You have paid $60,000 in premiums
  2. You have $100,000 in cash value
  3. You no longer have a need for the policy.

Instead of withdrawing the $100,000 in cash and paying taxes on the growth, you could do a 1035 exchange directly into a paid up long-term care policy and avoid the taxes.

As with any financial decision, you should evaluate whether this strategy is right for you through the lens of a larger financial plan.

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