Planning for Irregular Expenses, Part 4 – Planned Expenses

October 29, 2019
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In this last post of the series, I will discuss saving for known irregular expenses. These are expenses that you incur 1-4 times a year but not every month. These expenses are often forgotten and surprise us each time. Similar to how a mortgage company holds your taxes and insurance in escrow and pays it 1-2 times a year, you should do that for your own finances.


Planned Expenses


What to Budget


  1. Gifts (Birthdays, anniversary, wedding, Christmas and other holidays)
  2. Annual vacations, camp for kids
  3. Insurance (home, auto, life, long term care, disability, etc.)
  4. Taxes (Car, home, quarterly income tax payments)
  5. Non-monthly subscriptions, membership fees, and tickets
  6. Education expenses (tuition, & back to school supplies)
  7. Irregular utilities (water, propane, etc)
  8. Personal insurance (life, long term care, disability, etc)
  9. IRA contributions (if made annually)
  10. Grooming (personal hair/nails and for your pet!)



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