Roth IRAs for Inheritance- Roth IRAs, Part 3

October 23, 2018
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Roth IRAs are a popular retirement planning tool.  But they can be used as a generational planning tool as well. Roth IRAs provide several important advantages that include, but are not limited to, tax-free growth and not being subject to required minimum distributions for the owner.

While required distributions are required for Inherited Roth IRAs, the benefit of tax-free growth remains intact, even as the account transfers to children or grandchildren. The benefit of this is explained below.


Jane has $250,000 in Roth IRAs and is 90 years old. She passes away, and the Roth IRA is inherited by her 30-year old grandson, Adam. As the grandson, Adam will have to take required minimum distributions, while the account will grow tax-free if the account is transitioned properly.

  • Adam, Age 30: He inherits the $250,000 Roth IRA. He has to start taking required minimum distributions but the account will continue to grow tax-free.*


  • Adam, lifetime income: If he chose “The single life expectancy rule”, the Roth IRA would pay out an estimated $2,613,205 in tax-free distributions over the course of his lifetime assuming a 7% rate of return, living until 83, and assuming only withdrawals of the required minimum.*


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