Strategies to avoid the 10% early withdrawal penalty – Exceptions

May 28, 2019
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In the previous 3 weeks, we have discussed several strategies for withdrawing from retirement accounts without incurring the 10% penalty. In these cases, it didn’t matter as much what you were using the funds for. However, the IRS also has several exceptions that allow for Traditional IRA withdrawals if you use the funds for specific expenses. While you will still be subject to taxes, you can avoid the 10% penalty if followed correctly.

Common Exceptions

-Specific college costs for qualified family members

-Health Insurance costs if you are on unemployment for 12 weeks

-Medical Expenses that are not reimbursed and are over 10% of your adjusted gross income

-First home purchase ($10,000 per person)

-Active military duty over 179 days


There are several rules that apply to these exceptions so be sure to work with a qualified tax advisor before implementing.

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