Complimentary Consultation


A two meeting process to develop a clear financial assessment with specific recommendations. See a sample.


So you can see where you stand financially and how we can help so you can make an informed decision about hiring us.


We do our best work for diligent savers with $750,000 or more in investments OR high earners with income over $250,000.

Step 1 – Schedule a Call 

A 15-minute call with one of our advisors provides an opportunity for us to make sure your situation matches our expertise. During this call, we will discuss your financial situation and outline how we work with clients and what your fees would be.

At the end of this call, if it seems we may be a good fit, and you would like to receive a complimentary consultation, we will schedule an exploratory meeting. If we are not the best fit for you, we will introduce you to one of the many great advisors we know.

Schedule an introductory call with us.

Step 2 – Exploratory Meeting

This complimentary 60-minute meeting (in-person or via Zoom) is designed for us to discuss and map out your goals, questions, and concerns. We will use this discussion to guide us in creating your financial assessment, which we will review during our next meeting.

At the end of the this meeting, we will schedule a strategy meeting and send you a list of documents to gather so we can begin our analysis.

Step 3 – Strategy Meeting

During this complimentary 60-minute meeting (in-person or via Zoom), we will review with you, in plain English, your financial assessment, which includes financial projections along with investment and tax recommendations. 

At the end of this meeting, we will outline the next steps to implement our recommendations and ask that you sleep on it before making a decision about whether you want our help.

Step 4 – Sleep on it

Having been in business for more than 30 years, we are in no rush for you to make any decision. Before deciding to work with us, you should answer “yes” to 3 questions:

  1. Do I understand and agree with their financial planning and investment philosophy?
  2. Will the value I receive outweigh the cost of their fees?
  3. Do I trust Reston Wealth Management?

We will follow up in one week to discuss how you would like to move forward. 

Step 5 – Launch Meeting

During this meeting, we will answer any questions that you have and begin the process of implementing the first steps of the plan, often including -

  1. Further discussion around goals and objectives
  2. Opening new investment accounts
  3. Outlining the first year of engagement

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